Archbishop Henri Streicher's Guild Revived

Archbishop Streicher's (Sitensera) 1897 - 1933

Archbishop Lwanga has revived the Uganda Martyrs Guild founded by Archbishop Streicher and will now be called UGANDA MARTYRS GUILD DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION. The Foundation will be guided by the vision of Archbishop Streicher of Evangelizing people to emulate the spirituality of the Uganda Martyrs. The revived Guild has Evangelization, Health and Economic/social empowerment of people in the Archdiocese as its mission. This mission has been adopted in a response to the major challenges Pope St Paul VI posed to Ugandan Catholic Church when he visited Uganda in 1969 namely: To have a self-propagating and self-reliant church.

Hence, the Uganda Martyrs Guild Development Foundation has a pro­gramme to address the NEW EVAN­GELIZATION CHALLENGES, HEALTH CHALLENGES AND ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT of the people. Engaging in these sectors is aimed at achieving a holistic development of the faithful, namely spiritually and economically.

As for evangelization: On-going cat­echetical programs, Spiritual exercises, counselling and others will be organized or held at grassroot lev­els (Bubondo, sub-parishes, schools etc) to assist the faithful not to fall prey to the immoral, Witchcraft, Antichrist ideologies or forces prevalent in the country.

This rhymes well with the objective of economic empowerment of the people. The Foundation will work with the already existing Economic Empowerment Projects in the Arch­diocese and establish others to fight poverty amongst the people which is a cause of several spiritual lapses and immorality. Hence these financial projects will be infused with pastoral/doctrinal content. This is already done Through WEKEMBE SACCOs Regarding HEALTH, the Foundation will aim at improving the Health of the people, putting emphasis on those in remote areas who cannot easily access good medical facilities. Research, shows that many of these resort to witchcraft to get help or attribute their illness to witchcraft. Hence, the Foundation plans to work with the main hospitals in the Archdiocese, namely: Nsambya, Rubaga, Kisubi and Nkozi to establish stations in various Parishes through the Archdiocese to cater for the grass root people. Nsambya will be invited to provide these services in Kampala Vicariate, Kisubito Entebbe Vicariate, Nkozi to Mitala Maria and Rubaga to Wakiso Vicariate.

All this work or programs will be coordinated and to achieve this an office block is being constructed at Lubaga to accommodate the various departments of the Foundation. It is for this reason that a fundraising dinner was held on March 2, at Pope Paul Memorial Hotel to contribute towards its construction.

Archbishop Cyprian Lwanga is the president, while Rev. Fr. Dennis Kizito Ssebunya the Episcopal Vicar Mitala Maria Vicariate, is the chairman of the revived guild deputized by Mr. Mathias Magoola a broad based business entrepreneur and professional chemist.


The Headquarters of the Guild will be housed in this block under construction at Lubaga

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