Lent Is an Opportunity for Purification

The past months have not been good for the Catholic Church as the media, local and international, have constantly reported,

covered and discussed scandals committed by the clergy. The impact of these reports on the members and non-members of the Church is not minimal. Some people are tempted to think that this is an agenda to weaken the Church, whereas others see this as a challenge to the Church to check itself or read the sign of the times and take appropriate actions to end the scandal.

However, amidst this turbulence, Jesus the chief shepherd assures us, priests, religious and laity, not to be downcast but remain firm knowing that he is in charge. ‘Take courage it is I. Do not be afraid” ( Mt 14:27) Jesus assured his terrified disciples as the storm hit hard their boat. This assurance is stressed by Cardinal Emmanuel in his message to the Good Sa­maritan Sisters when they celebrated their Ruby Jubi­lee last December: - “Take courage it is i. do not be afraid” (mt. 14:27). this is the guiding theme you have chosen as you celebrate your 40th anniversary it is indeed appropriate to the occasion one ought not to be afraid while with and in the presence of christ the lord and master of all situations and forces.” Let us use this Lenten period to amend our ways and sincerely feel sorry for the hurt our immoral ways have hurt the body of Christ the Church. We should pray for our Church to weather the storm and for the wounded to heal and forgive. As Pope Francis, noted, as much as we search for a practical solution to the abuses, Spiritual element should not be left out but in fact be emphasized. “Just as we must take every practical measure that common sense, the sciences and society offer us, neither must we lose sight of this reality; we need to take up the spiritual means that the Lord himself teaches us: humiliation, self- accusation, prayer and penance this is the only way to overcome the spirit of evil,” Pope Francis said in his address at the close of the summit in Rome which discussed clergy-child abuse.


Fr. Joseph Mukasa Nkeera: Director for Social Communications and Public Relation

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