Cardinal Wamala commissions Acolytes as Church commemorates 138 years 

The Archbishop Emeritus of Kampala, Emmanuel Cardinal Dr. Wamala has asked priests of the Roman Catholic Church to be fully committed to the sacerdotal promises of celibacy, obedience and chastity, which they make during their ordination.


He also clarified that the priests were at liberty to seek laicization, through proper channels, if they felt that they could no longer lead a celibate life.

 Wamala was commissioning seminarians of Kampala Archdiocese as Lectors and Acolytes at Rubaga Cathedral on Sunday.

The ministries of Lector and Acolyte are minor ministries, which seminarians are given, before being ordained as Deacons.

The two ministries give the respective seminarians the qualification to read the Word of God before the congregation during Divine Liturgy, and to assist the priests during the celebration of mass, among several other things. 

The 11 Seminarians who became Lectors and Acolytes have just completed their philosophical studies in major seminaries like Katigondo, Alokulum and St Mbaaga's Major Seminary Ggaba.

Wamala later asked the newly commissioned Lectors/Acolytes to serve the people with joy, love, dedication and simplicity during the one-year period that they will spend doing pastoral work in the parishes.

Church commemorates 138 years of Uganda's dedication

The function of commissioning Acolytes coincided with the commemoration of 138 years since the pioneer missionaries of the Society of White Fathers (also called Missionaries of Africa) dedicated Uganda to the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The celebrations started with a procession from Mapeera Pilgrimage Centre, Nabunnya, from where the Christians carried a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, up to Rubaga Cathedral, where the Marian novena, was concluded.

Rev Fr. Richard Nnyombi, a senior member of the missionary society of White Fathers urged the Christians to continue praying for the beatification and eventual canonisation of Fr. Lourdel Mapeera and Bro Delmas Amans, the two pioneer missionaries of the missionary Society of White Fathers, who brought the Catholic Faith in Uganda on February 17, 1879.

Nnyombi also asked Catholics to contribute money to facilitate the activities of the commissions that are working on the process of the beatification of the two missionaries.

The function was also graced by the Administrator of Rubaga Cathedral, Fr. Joseph Mary Bbuye and the Vicar General of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Kampala, Msgr Charles Kasibante, who also baptized children.


Photo: Cardinal Dr. Wamala and the priests with whom he celebrated mass conclude the novena prayers before the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

By Mathias Mazinga

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Saint Mary's Cathedral Rubaga, commonly referred to as Rubaga Cathedral, is the parent cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kampala, the oldest Roman Catholic diocese in Uganda. In 1914 the missionaries began constructing a modern cathedral at Lubaga (Rubaga). Construction was completed in 1924 and St. Mary's Cathedral Rubaga was consecrated on 31 December 1925.

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