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To all of you people of Bweyogerere Parish, but most especially you my people of St. Gonzaga Gonza Kamuli Sub Parish. This is a historical day in our Parish when we celebrate the official opening of our new Sub Parish Church. We thank the Lord for this gift. It has been a long journey full of determination, sacrifice, good will, but above all faith.

Those who were around here over 20 years ago, try to look back and see the small and relatively poor structures that were on this site from which we used to pray. Those struc­tures had their time and probably they were admirable then.  To-day we have moved a step forward and all of us feel proud that we are moving with times. Faith has increased in our people and the population is growing at a very high speed. No doubt each one of us is now feeling very proud at the realization of this noble      project. A proper house of the Lord has been put in place and it is a clear sign of the faith and commitment of all of you who have been part of this beautiful work. This is a prod­uct of which we are all proud. On behalf of Bweyogerere Parish community, let me thank the Archbishop who accepted our invitation to come and officially open our Church. Thank you very much, Your Grace.

Kamuli Sub Parish, like any other Sub Parish, has got her own history. Those who have been residents of Kamuli for some time know that history very well. On a day like this we cannot forget to thank the founding Christians who worked together with the priests of the time first at Namugongo and later at Bweyogerere Parishes. They laid a strong foundation of faith in the area. Let us think about all the Catechists and leaders of the laity that have been working hard in succession up to the present leadership. We sincerely thank them all. Without them we wouldn’t be where we are to-day. Abo abaafa Omukama abawe ekiwummulo eky’olubeerera.... “Mungu azi- weke roho zao mahali pema peponi” “May the Lord rest their souls in eternal peace”. For those who are still on earth, we pray that the Lord may continue to bless them and their families.


Everybody in the parish has been part of this project and actually we have moved together to its accomplish­ment. As we read in the “Animal Farm”, some of our community members have been even more pivotal in terms of their technical and financial support. Some have sacrificed a lot of their time. Unfortu­nately I cannot mention the names of these individuals be­cause they have always pre­ferred to remain “Incognito”. We thank them very much.


Looking ahead

A very beautiful and attractive house of the Lord has been put in place. The best way to thank the Lord for this great gift is to use it as much as we can. Let it be the center of our Sub. Parish. Let it be a special venue for prayer. With the permission of the Archbishop, we might be allowed to have the Blessed Sacrament perma­nently in this Church. Let us come regularly for prayers and adoration. Let us together keep this place clean and ad­mirable. Let each one of you be in charge of the cleanliness


Fr. Leo Ssengaali Bagenda

Parish Priest