Brief History

Brief History

The Catholic Church in Uganda was founded by two Missionaries of Africa namely Fr. Simon Lourdel, popularly known as Pere Mapeera and Bro. Amans who arrived at Kigungu, Entebbe in the present Archdiocese of Kampala on 17th February 1879. Four months later, they were joined by three colleagues.

Despite the difficulties they went through the five Missionaries never gave up but got committed to Grassroot Evangelization.

The present Archdiocese of Kampala was erected on 5th August 1966, made up of the former Archdiocese of Rubaga, which was being administered by the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers, and part of the former Kampala Diocese, which was under the charge of the Mill Hill Missionaries. His Grace Archbishop, (later Cardinal) Emmanuel K. Nsubuga was the first Ordinary of the new Archdiocese, concentrated at Nakivubo on 30th October 1966.

The present Kampala Archdiocese is the result of steady territorial changes

a. Victoria Nyanza Vicariate (1883-1933)

It was established by the Holy See in 1883 and was entrusted to the Missionaries of Africa commonly known as the White Fathers. Rubaga became the seat of the Bishop.

b. Upper Nile Vicariate (1884-1953)

In 1894 the Holy See erected the Upper Nile Vicariate dividing it from Victoria Nyanza Vicariate and entrusted it to the Mill Hill Missionaries. Nsambya became the seat of the Bishop.

c. Vicariate of Uganda (1933-1953)

After the erection of vicariates in territories beyond the Nile on the southern side, the once Victoria Nyanza Vicariate became the Vicariate of Uganda.

d. Vicariate of Kampala (1947-1953)

The once Upper Nile Vicariate after the erection of vicariates in territories beyond the Nile on the Eastern side became Vicariate of Kampala.

e. Archdiocese of Rubaga (1953-1966)

The Catholic Hierarchy in Uganda was established in 1953. The former Vicariates of Uganda became the dioceses of Uganda. Rubaga became the Archdiocese with 4 suffragan dioceses namely: Gulu, Masaka, Mbarara and Tororo

f. Archdiocese of Kampala (1966)

On 5th August 1966, the Holy See joined together what was the Diocese of Kampala and the Archdiocese of Rubaga and created what we have as the Archdiocese of Kampala. It was covering most parts of central Uganda. But since then 3 other new dioceses have been curved out of it namely: Kiyinda-Mityana (1981), Kasana-Luweero(1997) and Lugazi(1997). Today there are over …….. Catholics in the diocese involved in our 51 parishes. We also have 265 priests in our diocese, and 40 religious order priests. There are …..religious order women and men serving in the Archdiocese.

A Diverse and Active Family
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The Archdiocesan family has many faces. We have a wide scope of ethnic and racial identities and backgrounds . Our family members have roots from places all over the country and the entire globe.
We have ministry for and with children (Bannakizito), youth, young adults, adults and older adults, married couples, the divorced, the bereaved, the imprisoned, the sick and the dying.

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