With much joy I congratulate the family of Our Lady Queen of Africa Rubaga Girls Senior Secondary School. I address my congratulatory message to the Board of Governors, Sister Clare of Assisi Nakubulwa (D.M.), the Head teacher, to the teaching and non-teaching Staff, the P.T.A., the Parents, Old and current Students' body as well as well-wishers of Rubaga Girls' Senior Secondary School for celebrating fifty years of your existence as a School.


We thank God who inspired the White Sisters to start this School in 1967. At that time, the education of the girl child was still very low. For fifty years now, many young girls have passed through this school and successfully became resourceful women and citizens in the country and beyond. We thank you and congratulate you.


The command for a 50-year Jubilee celebration originates from the Old Testament when God Himself ordered Moses to observe it." And God said to Moses” "when you get into the Holy Land, you shall number seven Sabbaths of years to you, seven times seven years and the space of seven Sabbaths of years shall be to you forty and nine years. The following year shall be A JUBILEE YEAR. IT SHALL BE A HOLY YEAR". (Leviticus  25, 8 - 16.). Because 50 years was a very long span of time, people began to mark and celebrate other Jubilees. They are: 1) Silver Jubilee (25 years), 2) Diamond (60), 3) Platinum (75) and 4) Century which is 100 years. The main idea remains the same, namely to thank God, to celebrate and renew our lives in view of a better future.


As Our Lady Queen of Africa, Rubaga Girls S.S.S celebrates 50years of Quality Service, Archdiocese of Kampala is also celebrating her Golden Jubilee with a theme "REMEMBER, REJOICE, RENEW". This celebration touches each and every one of us in one way or another. It beckons on us: The Old Girls, the current students, the teachers and parents of this School to look at the past and thank God for what you received from this School and secondly asks us to rejoice and do something for the future in ourselves and for the good of the School, the Catholic Church and our beloved country of Uganda. It calls upon us to open our eyes into the academic, the social, the moral and spiritual aspect of a human being.

Flying on the wings of the milestone achievements registered in the past 50 years, Uganda demands that you engage even deeper as an agent of change. Your school supports this diocese in many ways. It is one of the breeding grounds for professionals serving the church and our nation today and in the future. The excellence of your teachers is the spring board for your student's self-realization, the attainment of their dream into University and eventually their rise to the cream of global society.


I further call upon the students to pray unceasingly, to study and work hard with discipline. Prayer, study and discipline are a key to growth into a great future. We need to become a nation of well-educated and spiritually-formed citizens if we are to eradicate poverty and unemployment, improve the general health and quality of life for all, and help Uganda realize its full potential as a nation during the 21st century.

During your vacation, I request your parents to sponsor you to engage in the Archdiocesan Education Office Service Programs to introduce you into ways of becoming meaning agents of change in education both now and in the future. You are the future leaders of this country and we need for you to use your God- given gifts and talents to be the leaders in Catholic Education in this Archdiocese, and our country Uganda at large. With the Grace of God and your perseverance and service to the education of all our students, both the advantaged and the poor, we can fulfill our obligation to build up the Kingdom of God and the Universal Church in Uganda and the world.

I wish you happy celebrations.


+Cyprian Kizito Lwanga




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