In communion with the entire Catholic Church, we gather today as the Youths of Kampala Archdiocese at Bujuuko Catholic Parish so as to celebrate the 33rd World Youth Day. The practice of celebrating the World Youth Day was started by Pope St. John Paul II in 1985. On this special day, we praise and thank God for the gift of the youthfulness of the youths in our Sub- Parishes, Parishes, Deaneries and Vicariates that form Kampala Archdiocese. For our celebration today, let us be guided by the theme that Pope Francis has chosen for all the youths in the world, namely, "Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with Cod." (Luke 1:30)


The experience of the Blessed Virgin Mary during the Annunciation sometimes marks the life stage of many youths. When Cod calls us in a very special way, sometimes, we are shocked, surprised by the gracious visit of the Lord in our lives. This is what the Blessed Virgin Mary went through when she heard the words, "Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you." (Luke 1:28). Pope Francis teaches us that these words "strongly disturbed Mary, who was surprised by this    first revelation of her identity and her vocation, as yet unknown to her." In our growth as youths, there will also be and indeed there have been several instances in which we were afraid, disturbed. The Word of God encourages us even in our time and says, "Do not be afraid." (Luke 1:30a)

Recently, you got new leaders to guide and lead you in the various activities that are carried on in the Youth Apostolate. We thank and praise Cod for the gift of leadership that you identified in the various leaders that you elected at the various levels. To the new leaders, I wish to re-echo to you the words of the Archangel Gabriel to the Blessed Virgin Mary thus, "Do not be afraid." (Luke 1:30a). You have been elected to lead and not to rule your fellow youths so that they may acquire integral growth and development, that is, spiritually, financially, socially, physically and also in the other various aspects of human life.

The Church is aware of the challenges that face the youth in modern times. Many of our young people are challenged by poverty, diseases, unemployment, struggles in relationships, inability to discern and decide the way to take for the future. In the midst of all these and other several challenges, the Church prayerfully accompanies you all in a very special way. Please remember the message of Pope Francis to you when He visited Uganda in November 2015. While addressing the Youths on Saturday 28th November 2015, Pope Francis encouraged the Youths not to loose hope, not to loose the Christian hope, thus, "Today, if you will allow me, I want to confirm you in your faith, encourage you in your love, and in a special way, strengthen you in your hope. Christian hope is not simply optimism; it is much more. It is rooted in the new life we have received in Jesus Christ. Saint Paul tells us that hope will not disappoint us, because Cod's love was poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit at our baptism (cf. Rom 5:5). This hope enables us to trust in Christ's promises, to trust in the power of his love, his forgiveness, his friendship."

We thank God for the gift of our Archdiocesan Youth Chaplain Rev. Fr. Joseph Luzindana and the Vicariate Youth Chaplains. In our four Vicariates that form Kampala Archdiocese, we have the following Youth Chaplains, Rev. Fr. Simon Peter Ssemakula in Kampala Vicariate, Rev. Fr. Ronald Mubiru in Wakiso Vicariate, Rev. Fr. Herman Mukasa Zziwa in Entebbe Vicariate and Rev. Fr. Simon Peter Katende in Mitala-Maria Vicariate. Dear our Archdiocesan Youth Chaplain and Vicariate Youth Chaplains, your efforts in the Youth Apostolate are greatly appreciated. I assure you of my constant support and prayers.

I entrust all your Youth Apostolate activities to the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary who heard the words, "Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with Cod" (Luke 1:30) and the intercession of St. Charles Lwanga, the Patron of the Youth Apostolate.



Mitala Maria Vicariate, Rev. Fr. Denis Kizito Ssebunya.


DO NOT BE AFRAID Mary, for you have found favour with God -(Luke 1: 30)

My dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, receive greetings of the Peace and Joy of our dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ from Mitala Maria Vicariate!!! I congratulate you all, upon having successfully ended the past year and although there might have been trials of different sorts, we still look steadfastly to the cross for renewed hope in our Catholic faith. As we celebrate the International Youth day today, it is important for the Youth to know that Mother Church loves them dearly and treasures them greatly.

With reference to this year's theme which encourages us not to be afraid, like Mother Mary; we too as the Youth, have found favour with God which encourages us not to fear anything else but learn to work and live our lives with great hope as we have been assured.

Youthful life is the most celebrated; a time of bloom when like plants, the youth are flowering and are ready to bear fruit. So, whenever we think and talk about the Youth; we envision a peak time of goodness, love and grace in all we do and hope for good results.

Youthfulness is a path to our later years in life which we should invest fruit­fully in preparation for a good harvest at the end of our lives. As Youth there­fore, you must be mindful of what seed you plant, where, when, why and how, you plant it; since this is a great determinant for your eagerly awaited harvest.

The Youth have been called either to religious life or the Marriage vocations. And in whichever way we serve, we face daily challenges which task us to wit­ness to the Gospel on a daily basis. Many of us are either teaching, Medical personnel, security officers or musicians and though there is freedom for us to serve in whichever way we may want to, we must focus on service to the other, on God's account.

There are several trends which have seeped into our society today, seeming to promise quick wealth especially for the youth. These are coupled with vices like drug abuse, binge drinking, rape and murder, theft and embez­zlement, neglect of the other, selfishness, abortion and laziness, et c. These have greatly affected many Youth and wrongly caused the youth to believe that since many go through such paths, it is the way to go.

As Youth on this day, we must reflect on our true Identity by which we can be known and singled out. May each of us look at living for the truth in all that we do. It is in fact so hard to live by our Christian values nowadays and many have been rebuked for following the truth but this is not to say that we should follow the wrong path. .

The Youth must work in order to cater for their personal needs, sustain their lives, prepare for encumbrances and also create savings clubs within our communities which help to save and invest for personal and community de­velopment.

I urge you all to live your Catholic faith by endeavoring to remain pure, fre­quenting the receiving of Sacraments, pray to the Lord always, go to Adora­tion before the Blessed Sacrament, at­tend mass and let your Christian impact be felt in your community as you reach out to the young and old with the lov­ing touch of our Dear Lord Jesus Christ. May you have blessed celebrations!!

Message from Fr. Joseph Luzindana

The Archdiocesan Youth Chaplain


Dear youth, it's a great pleasure to congratulate you upon reaching this day, a day for the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ (Palm Sunday) well known as International youth day. We thank the almighty Cod for having enabled us to celebrate it. Being youth is the most adventurous stage of life and Christ continues to invite you into his holy adventure of life and freedom from sin.

Remember that the focus and prayers of the Church are turned on youth because of the sins that rotate within the youth all over the world such as adultery, homosexuality, fornication, cohabiting among others; so as we celebrate this day, I encourage you to pray for ourselves and the entire youth all over the world that Cod may touch the young people to hate sin and always seek for Jesus' mercy and his compassionate love through the intercession of St. Charles Lwanga the patron saint of the youth so that we may follow his footsteps to be saints of our times.

I wish to extend my sincere thanks to youth Chaplain Mitala Maria Vicariate Rev. Fr. Simon Peter Katende and his committee headed by Youth Bujuuko Parish Rev. Fr. Pontiano Mayega, stakeholders in the Archdiocesan youth Apostolate i.e. the chaplains, patrons, leaders and youths for the great efforts exhibited in planning for this day and making it happen.

I congratulate the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Kampala, the Youth chaplain of Mitala Maria Vicariate, the youth chaplain of Bujuuko Parish and the entire Mitala Maria youth community upon this celebration.

I thank God for all the achievements attained last year in our various parishes and youth communities. I know you might be facing many challenges but with courage, we shall overcome them if we put Jesus in all as our weapon.

Happy celebrations!

Through the intercession of St. Charles Lwanga our Patron saint, we pray to God for more endless blessings.



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