Judicial Vicar

Rev. Fr. Dr. Barnabas Mukiibi Bakumpe

Judicial Vicar

Rev. Fr. John Mary Ssenkaali

Associate Judicial Vicar

Rev. Fr. John Baptist Kanamuangi

Defender of the Bond

Rev. Fr. Godfrey Kawuki

Defender of the Bond

Rev. Fr. Dr. Charles Ssempala

Promoter of Justice

Procedures of the Office of the Church Tribunal

The Archbishop of Kampala exercises judicial powers personally but also he exercises it through the Ecclesiastical tribunal except for those cases he reserves to himself . Therefore any baptized Catholic can legitimately vindicate and defend their rights in the church c.221.So if they are on a Church trial they have a right to be judged in accordance to Church law and equity. To do this well they need a Canon Lawyer. What is the vocation of a Canon lawyer in the Church of Kampala Archdiocese?

  1. Identifies the values a community needs as to prosper thus ought to be conversant with the theoretical judgments of values and have a capacity to discern values that need promotion and support by legislation.
  2. Be able to asses the capacity of a community to get and choose to live a value.
  3. Have a literary skill to draft, interpret and implement a legal text in a concrete situation.
  4. To suggest changes in Laws in accordance to the demands of time as to provide for new needs in a community.
In this way the church Laws shall be for the salvation of souls c. 1752
Trials c. 1400, marriage separation and nullity,c.1059, Divorce and other controversies are unique among life experiences.
There is no precedent that can prepare an individual for its trauma. Trials are processes; not isolated events. Legal trials and controversies can be pinpointed to a moment in time, to the signing of a court decision (Sentence); no one can claim experience in the situation. However this experience is the result of a series of incidents which eventually erode the relationship between persons, for example the ending of any marriage or relationship that has endured long enough for the two partners to invest portions of their lives, money, emotions and a dream is a traumatic experience. The adjustment which follows can be either positive or negative; it is always difficult.
The Catholic is aware of the stress involved with controversies. The Church addresses these issues through her ministry, bearing in mind the needs of individuals while for marriages supporting the permanence of a valid, Sacramental union. The tribunal Office of the Archdiocese of Kampala and particularly the Marriage Tribunal of the Archdiocese is an agency designed to help the divorced, separated and the remarried person. The divorced person seeking another marriage, and the divorced Catholic seeking a clarification of his or her standing in the Church. Information, assistance and recommendations are available from the personnel of the Tribunal, who are present to help you.
You may contact the Tribunal Office Monday through Thursday on appointment but otherwise on Tel- 0756714044, 0756635393 or 0772954092 and Friday from to 12 pm., at Lubaga. Archdiocesan offices.
Please ask to speak with a tribunal staff member.


Kampala Archdiocese Administrative Offices, Lubaga, Kampala, Uganda

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