Bannakizito perfoming at Namugongo
Banakizito of Kireka Grammar Junior school with the main celebrant during their day at Namugongo


St. Kizito, The Great Apostle Of the Children

Through the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, our dear Archbishop was able to embark on the great and noble venture of creating the Bannakizito as a way of evangelizing the young children particularly in our Archdiocese. It looked impossible from the outset but now the Association has had a great impact, rapid expansion and communion among our schools and parishes has been achieved.

At the moment of its inauguration, the Catholic identity was lacking in our schools. Both teachers and the students would find it hard to identify with the Catholic faith. The students in schools together with their teachers were too nervous to profess their faith publicly or to show that they were Catholic and proud of their catholic Faith. It was always hard for them to dare challenges from counterparts of other religious denominations. This resulted into Non-Catholic Schools taking advantage of our children and diverting them from the authentic Catholic faith. Still many of the Catholic children who had lost their parents were being taken over by non-Catholic entities which in a long run led them astray.

Many parents have neglected their responsibilities which had negatively impacted on the children’s moral and spiritual life. Looking at the above challenges, in the scope of ten years much has been achieved by this Association of the Bannakizito. This has been greatly due to the innovativeness, great support and care of His Grace Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga the Founder of this Association. He has provided spiritual, moral, social and financial support to this Association. Through His Grace’s Homilies and speeches, he has encouraged and motivated the young children who in one way or another had been affected by negative forces. He has advocated for catholic administrations in our Catholic schools hence the Bannakizito leadership. At the moment we are quite sure that many are proud to be Catholic, and the children have become great Apostles and bright lights that shine in our communities.