Relic Material In Stock

Solid Articles

  • The crucifix that the first missionaries came with on their first journey.
  • A piece of marble stone from the floor of Mapeera’s home house in France.
  •  Memorial stones from Kigungu landing site.
  •  Cross from Mapeera’s grave.
  •  Cross from Amans’ grave.
  •  A big drum (engoma eyita abasomi)
  •  Bishop Streicher’s hat.
  •  White Fathers’ “typical” hat.
  •  Some Bishops’ old official seals.
  • Some old Mass vestments (not complete).
  • Archbishop Kiwanuka’s crosier.
  • Cardinal Nsubuga’s scull cap.
  • Fr. Clement Kiggundu’s relics.
  • Relics of some saints.
  • Some memorial medals.
  • Old coins and bank notes.
  • An old adding machine.
  • Pope Paul VPs memorial gift to Uganda (portrait in golden frame).
  • The memorial bottle of soda served to Pope Paul VI (1969).
  • Papal knight’s swords (K. Kiwanuka).
  • Some pieces (writings) of “the Papal Blessing”.
  • Catholic centenary emblem (wooden).
  •  Small Catholic Centenary flag.
  •  Model of Namugongo shrine

History in Pictures

  • (Charts prepared for the centenary celebrations exhibition)
  • Story of the church in Uganda (White Fathers) traced out on placards: major events cited some pictures shown.
  • The Comboni Missionaries: Chart with map of Uganda showing their missions and respective dates of foundation.
  • The Mill Hill Missionaries: Chart with picture of founder and the mother house; and a brief history of their mission to Uganda.
  • Small chart about the Apostles of Jesus.
  • Small chart about the Little Sisters of St. Francis.


  • A good number of photographs (enlarged and mounted on soft board) showing various fields of missionary service and achievements.
  • Bishops of the White Fathers’ tradition.
  • Archbishop Cabana in state (corpse).
  • Pope Paul VI in Uganda.
  • Archbishop Nsubuga on various occasions.

Work of Art

  • Some portraits of big persons.
  • Picture of the 12 Cathedrals of Uganda at the time of the centenary.
  • Other pieces of fine Art
Lubaga Cathedral - Old Archive Photo
Archbishop Joseph Nakabaale Kiwanuka

Books / Literature

  • Some old missals and lectionaries.
  • “The Catechist” – a Catechism of Christian Doctrine (1917)





The death of Mapeera in 1890

Mapeera’s will


The first major seminary at Kisubi in 1901 later moved to Katigondo in 1903

A photo of the first 22 students who reached priesthood


The first Ugandan priests ordained 1913

Photos of Frs. Bazilio & Victor


The consecration of Lubaga cathedral 1925

A photo


The first African Bishop 1939

Photo of Episcopal ordination


Bishop Cabana becomes vicar apostolic of Uganda

A photo of Bishop Cabana


Vicariate of Uganda becomes archdiocese of Lubaga 1953,

1966 – 1991Lubaga Becomes Kampala Archdiocese 

Map of the metropolitan Arch­diocese of Lubaga


The canonization of Uganda martyrs 1964

Photo of canonisation Mass