He was born at Misazi, Myeri, Kyenjonjo, Butiti Parish. He is the son of Bamwesekesa and Kyote the mother with whom Mukasa Ludigo Tebyalirwa was kidnapped and brought to Buganda where he grew up. In Buganda he was given the name Mukasa and later nicknamed Ludigo because of his resemblance of the Mutaka Ludigo from Busoga.  He was in charge of the King’s gardens where the pages were supposed to work. He started frequenting Catholicism in 1881 but was not baptized until 16th November 1885 by Pere Mapeera. Adolf Ludigo was exceptionally calm, intelligent and thoughtful. He despised no work and he often cooked for his fellow Christians to whom he was very kind and generous. He was very proud of being a catholic so much so that when summoned at the palace to defend themselves, he put on his best attire and after condemnation walked to his death in majestic fashion until his beautiful dress was removed from him at Ssezibogo tree as custom demanded. He was burnt to death at Namugongo on June 3, 1886 at the age of twenty-four. He is the Patron of farmers, herdsmen, etc.