He was the third person to be martyred. Kaggwa was born at Kkooki Bugangazzi Bukuumi Parish around 1856. His father was Kahawa  Kabijenge and his mother’s name remains unknown.  Kahawa was captured as a child during the Buganda raids brought to King Muteesa I’s palace where he grew up. He was very much loved by the king.  He was creative, kind, very jolly and a wonderful conversationalist. The King had him trained by Toli, a madagacan who had come with his band and used to play for the king, and Kaggwa became a professional police officer, a skillful shooter and a great band master. He learnt how to read, speak and write Arabic and Swahili. He was made head of the Police. He learnt also carpentry and cleaning guns from Toli.  He is understood to be the first formal teacher in Uganda with a training home at Nateete.  He first followed Islam but later joined the protestant faith and finally settled with the catholic faith at the arrival of the catholic missionaries.  He was a very committed catechumen and was baptized on 30th April 1882 by Pere Mapeera.  He was very kind and committed to teaching others the faith in words and actions.  He was a pious and zealous catholic. He served both King Muteesa and King Mwanga. He was hingly trusted by both kings, however due to the jealousy of Kintu the Prime Minister; he was beheaded after his hands had been chopped off on 26th May 1886 in the Banana plantation of Kintu. Andrew is the Patron of teachers, catechists and families.