He was the fifth to be martyred. He was born at Mukuma Bulemeezi in Mulajje Parish around 1866. His father was Kafeero Ssebaggala Kabaalu of the Nkima clan and his mother was Namukwaya of the Mbogo clan. He was very trustworthy.  He was a clean, orderly, faithful and obedient person.  He was in charge of the King’s ceremonial robes and ornaments. He was also in-charge of the King’s treasury and ivory. He joined Catholicism and became an ardent catechumen. He was baptized on 17th November 1885. When he was arrested, he was eager and happy to die for Jesus Christ. The next morning on their way to Namugongo, Mukaajanga asked, “Who would like to be killed here where your Christian leader Balikuddembe was killed?” At once Athanasius answered: “Here I am. Why delay me and take me all the way to Namugongo as if death cannot be met here?” He was then speared to death at Nakivubo on May 27th  1886, aged twenty. He is the Patron of those in charge of finance, treasury and banks.