He is the second martyr to be killed. He was born at Kigolooba, Wakyaato, in Bulemeezi, Kijjaguzo Parish around 1869. His father was Kajjansi Ssebuggwawo of the Musu clan and his mother was Maria Nsonga Nabalongo from Busoga.  He was calm, relaxed, rather quiet but jolly, gentle and acting maturely, free from vulgar language. He had a very good voice and good at singing. He was taken to the palace to serve as Mwanga’s page when he was about 14 years old. He was baptized on 17th November 1885. He was a very pious and zealous Christian, always willing to teach others the catholic faith, example of which is Muwafu whom he was teaching and that became the source of his brutal death on 25th May 1886.  Severely scourged by King Mwanga,  he was killed the following morning at Munyonyo. He was very humble and zealous for the faith. He is the Patron of singers, musicians and others.