He was the sixth to be martyred. He was born around 1862 in Busoga, the son of Gonzabato. He was kidnapped when still a child and brought to Buganda and grew up in the family of Nkambo Buluusi who treated him as his own son. Gonzaga behaved well and was obedient, exceptionally kind, trustworthy, intelligent and hardworking.  He was taken to King Muteesa’s palace aged about 12 years. He first professed Islam, the Protestantism and later became a catholic being baptized  on17th November 1885.  Gonzaga was a zealous and pious Catholic. He decided to go to prison on behalf of Namulabira who had been falsely accused of befriending a princesses and Nakya, one of the kings wives. Gonzaga was arrested at Munyonyo and spent the night in chains. The executioners failed to remove them. But Gonzaga was determined to drag the chains fastening his bleeding legs to Namugongo. On the way he collapsed and was speared to death by Mukajanga and died on May 27th, 1886 at the age of twenty-four. Gonzaga is the Patron of prisoners, travellers, the ill-treated and those in trouble.