Gyaviira  was born at Sseguku in Busiro between 1869-1870. He was the son of Ssemalago, the traditional priest of Mayanja and belongs to the Mmamba clan. His mother is unknown.  His father gave him the name of Musoke and later on Mayanja, while his friends at the palace nicknamed him Gyaviira. He was taken to the palace as a page immediately after Mwanga had become king around 1884. His father was a famous priest of the traditional god, Mayanja. He gave this name Mayanja to his son, in a gesture of preparing him to take over his office. But when Gyaviira was taken to the palace to be a page, he converted to Catholicism and burnt up all witchcraft charms.  He was baptized by Charles Lwanga on 26th  May 1886 and was burnt at stake together with others at Namugongo on June 3rd , 1886, at the age of seventeen. St. Gyaviira is the Patron of traffic, communications and those troubled by witchcraft.