He was born in Ggoli Kiswa, Mawokota, Ggoli Parish around 1861. His father was  Ssebikejje Kibazzi of Ngeye clan ad his mother was Lwambuzabugyo of the Nsenene clan. He was named Kalumba in his childhood.  He was taken to King Muteesa I palace by princess Namukabya. Here is first frequented the moslem, when the protestant missionaries came he went to them and finally when the catholics came he joined them and became a serious catechumen under the instruction of Andrea Kaggwa.  He became a Catholic mainly after admiring the celibacy of the Catholic Missionaries and the behaviour of Catholics. He was one of the able leaders of the King’s band. On Tuesday, May 25, 1886, when the King Mwanga broke into rage and tortured Denis Ssebuggwawo, he proceeded to Buuzabalyawo’s place. He ordered his arrest for being a Christian. He was burnt to death on June 3, 1886 at Namugongo. St James Buuzabalyawo is the Patron of merchants and cooperatives.