He was born at Kisomberwa, Minziiro between 1852-1857. His father was Bunyaga of the Mbogo clan and his mother was Kabejja Mukaatunzi Namalawo of the Nkima clan. While he was the only child of his mother from his father, he had almost a hundred siblings as his father was a polygamist.  He was calm, human, peaceful and peace-loving, with incredible ablity to reconcile others.  He first professed the Islamic faith from which he got the name Jamari, then later joined the Protestants and finally became a catholic at the arrival of the catholic missionaries. He was baptized on 1 November 1885 by Pere Mapeera. He was exceptionally intelligent, and it took him only three days to learn all the prayers and the whole catechism that took an average learner four months. Muzeeyi had exceptional devotion to and knowledge in traditional medicines of various diseases. He treated and care for many sick people during the Small Pox plague.  He was devoted to teaching others the faith, he was selfless and altruistic, he was committed to redeeming others from slavery and exceptionally committed to chastity. He was killed on 27th February 1887. He was the last to be killed among the martyrs in Buganda.  Muzeeyi is the Patron of the religious, doctors, nurses, hospitals and learners.