St. Achilles Kiwanuka

He was born in Ntolomwe in Butambala, Mitala Maria Parish around 1852. His father was Mukwanga of the Mmamba clan and his mother was Kusuubiza of Nvuma clan. He was prudent, friendly, trustworthy and calm. He was a backcloth maker and blacksmith. He was in-charge of the fishermen on Lake Wamala and the wood-cutters. He was a cheerful, alert and respectful person. The Christians of Mityana used to send him on foot to Kampala, a distance of forty miles, for the Priest’s Sunday sermons, which he would commit to his memory and relate the same to Matthias Mulumba who would repeat it to the Sunday congregation there at his home. He was baptized on 28th May 1882.  He died at Namugongo on June 3, 1886, at the age of thirty. St Luke Baanabakintu is the Patron of fishermen, sailors’ mechanics, students and blacksmiths.