He was the seventh martyr. He was born at Kyebando in Bunya, in Busoga around 1836. His father was Nandigobe. He was kidnapped when he was about 10 years and brought to Buganda. He was adopted by Mr. Tomusange that made him his own son.  He was tall, with a deep voice, kind and humble. Before he died Tomusange had told foretold the coming of white messengers of true religion and asked his son to follow them.  With this on the back of his mind Kalemba from from Islam, to Protestantism until he settled with Catholicism.  Because of his faithfulness and sense of justice,  he was soon promoted to various posts. He had many wives but fought hard to remain with one as his legal wife.  Mulumba was faithful, courageous, penitent and a powerful leader. He loved the faith, lived it exemplarily, taught it to others and defended it. He was an ascetic. He was very much devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary. He brought Catholicism to Ssingo and Mityana and also taught it in Buddu.   He was baptized on 28th May 1882. He died the most brutal and lingering death at Old Kampala from May 27 to 30, 1886. His limbs were cut off first, strips of flesh cut from his back and he remained in that condition without a complaint for three days, praying for his country and executioners. He was about 50 years of age.  He was the ideal chief and follower of Jesus Christ, meek and humble. He used to fast and make mortifications. Mulumba is the Patron of chiefs and families.