He was born at Buyonga or Lumuli in Naddangira Parish around 1869. His father was Waggumbulizi Katamiiza of the Mmamba clan as Msgr Timothy Ssemwogerere testifies who refutes the claim that he belonged to the Ngeye clan as Fr. Ddiba had claimed. He was named Tuzinde.  He was known as the son of a soldier because he came from Mukajjanga’s home to join the palace. He was a very strong, handsome, trustworthy, friendly and cheerful person. He always carried the royal flag whenever the king was on the lake. He served in the audience hall in-charge of catering for the visitors. Lwanga put him in charge of the meat to give to the visitors. He could not give away a pierce even to his friends. He was free from corruption. Whenever his friends would ask him to give them some meat entrusted to them he would say “nze mbaaga? ( I am I a butcher). That is how he came to be called Mbaaga by the pages in the palace.    Mbaaga became interested in the Catholic religion due to the good examples of the Catholic pages. He was baptized on 26th May 1886. At Namugongo, Mbaaga spent a week with his relatives who exerted last minutes pressure on the boy in a bid to make him change his mind and abandon the catholic religion, but all in vain. The boy was hit on the head and his body thrown on the pyre, and he died on June 3, 1886. Mbaaga is the Patron of Vocations, mainly the seminarians, aspirants, postulants and novices.