He was born around 1869 at Jjalamba Mawokota, Mitala Maria Parish. His father was Mazinga of the Ngo clan and his mother was Munnagulinnyemu Nassubwa of the Mbogo clan. His clan name is Lubowa but his mother gave her son the name “Mugagga” expecting him to amass some wealth in future. He was taken to king Mwanga’s palace by his uncle Sseddu who was the chief backcloth maker of the king. Mugaga had also learnt the art of blacksmithing. Here he met Charles Lwanga who taught him the catholic faith.  He was a page in the private section of the palace. He had to fight hard for his virtue of chastity against blandishments and threats by the King. He was kind, intelligent, cooperative, trustworthy and always ready to help others without caring for himself. He was strong in body and was determined in faith. He was baptized on26 May 1886.  He was interested in games, handicraft, etc. He died at Namugongo on June 3, 1886 at the age of about  seventeen. He is the Patron of clubs, community development, culture and home craft.