He was the fourth martyr to be killed. He was born at Bulimo in Kyaggwe Naggalama Parish between 1846-1851. His father was Birenge Mbaziira of the Nyonyi clan and his mother was Mukomulwanyi of the Mbogo clan. He was taken to King Mwanga’s palace when he was about 10 years and when he grew up he worked  first  as a policeman and was a brave soldier. Tradition holds  it that before becoming a Christian, he was exceptionally cruel, merciless and full of anger, but when he became a catholic, he radically changed and turned into a kind, understanding and peaceful person.  He was baptized on 16th November 1885. He was assiduous in his profession of faith and constant in living it so much so that when Mwanga had condemned the Christians, he quickly remembered him and asked the executioners to pick him from prison where he had been imprisoned because of the false accusation of stealing the king’s cattle. The king ordered them to burn Ponsiano Ngondwe because he was also a Christians. When Mukajanga, the chief execution, asked Ndongwe whether he was a Christian, he replied that he was; upon which Mukajjanga pierced him in the chest three times, killing him instantly.  His body was dismembered in bizarre cruelty and left to the scavenging birds and wild animals as the others continued to Namugongo. He is the Patron of soldiers, policemen and militia.