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1. Renovation of the house for Bannakaroli brothers house (Nakirebe)

After a long struggle of raising funds the brothers were given a donation of 15,000
Eur to renovate and install solar in their community house used for retreats and also as

a home for old brothers. Implementation is still on-going

Before Renovation

After Renovation

2. Renovation of the chapel, dinning and verandah at Naddangira novitiate
(Brides of the lamb).

The sisters were staying in a poor state so this renovation greatly helped to improve their
living standards and now they enjoy a descent life.

Dining after renovation

3. Covid 19 relief project for the good Samaritan sisters

Covid 19 hit many communities among which the Good Samaritan sisters were also victims
since they also have homes for the poor and needy. They received a grant from Aid to the

church in need to buy basic supplies for the 185 nuns and the needy people they serve.

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