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Message of The Most Rev. Paul Ssemogerere, Archbishop Of Kampala for the 125th Anniversary of Kasubi Catholic Parish.

Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Kisubi Parish,
On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the erection of Kisubi Parish, kindly allow me to be part of the congregation which comes in pilgrimage with a heart full of gratitude to the Lord for the wonders he has done through his church erected amidst us many years ago here in Kisubi. With hearts full of thanks to the Lord, we can sing with the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Patroness, that great things He has done for us and holy is His name (cf. Lk 1:49). A thousand congratulations to you all!
On behalf of the Archdiocese of Kampala and indeed on my own, I express gratitude to our parents in the faith, the White Fathers. It was through the late Bishop Antonin Guillermain, M.Afr., then Apostolic Vicar of Northern Victoria Nyanza Vicariate, that the inspiration to bring Christ in our vicinity by opening up a Parish was realized. Many White Fathers and Brothers spent their lives for this Parish starting with the late Fr. Jean Marcou, M.Afr., and many others who succeeded him until the Parish was handed over to the local clergy who stir it even today. To many Parish priests and collaborators who have worked in Kisubi, we thank you; and for those whom the Lord has called back home, may He grant them to sit with Him in the heavenly chambers. To you Fr. Francis Xavier Kikomeko, Parish Priest, and all your collaborators, thank you very much for the work well done.
This Quasquicentennial Jubilee offers us an occasion also to put in evidence the wisdom of the Church of promoting the development of an integral person. What started as a Seminary to train young men for the Priesthood, later also led to the foundation of the Parish to serve a vast community of Christians who lived in the areas around Kisubi and beyond. Spiritual development also motivated human development; and this led to opening up of schools-these are, primary and secondary schools, Vocational School and Institutions of higher learning to form an intellectual, well-informed and professional people; Kisubi hospital started by the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa (White Sisters) for healthcare of people.
The light of Christ shone in Kisubi also attracted many Institutes of Consecrated life to open up houses in the area, of which to mention: the Brothers of Christian Instruction who have spent their lives in training young generations in their schools; Sisters of St. Peter Claver who took on the work of Mariannum Press for a time; the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Reparatrix Ggogonya whose Mother house and Generalate are found here, Bannakaroli Brothers and the Lay Auxiliaries of the Clergy – Brothers of St. Amans, the Good Samaritan Sisters whose Generalate is also located in this area as well. We are sure that all people who have passed through their hands, have benefited from the work of Christ who came not to be served but to serve and give his life as a ransom for us all (cf. Mt 20:28).
While growing, Kisubi has also given opportunity for the birth and growth of some of her communities (sub-parishes); which with time have also been erected as parishes, and these include, Lweza, Nakawuka, Mpala and Kabulamuliro. We are grateful to God who has rendered Kisubi a good, fruitful and selfless mother. We would like to thank and recognize the contribution of numerous parishioners among whom are those who have served on the Parish pastoral council in different times, friends and donors of this Parish. May the Almighty God reward your generous contribution; and for those who have departed from this life, yet have worked tirelessly for the growth of this Parish, we pray that the Lord grants them eternal rest in him.
In these many years, we are sure that Kisubi has passed through a lot of challenges, but your existence today is a gift of God, which has stood the test of time. The witness given by the Christian families in this Parish is evident. Many vocations to the Priesthood, Consecrated Life and to Holy Matrimony are many. To all this, we have reason to celebrate the goodness of the Lord today, we “lift up the cup of salvation and call on the name of the Lord…in the presence of all his people” (Ps 116:13.14).
Amidst all challenges, I would like to encourage all families to lean on the Lord in this moment; that He may strengthen you to continue your mission of transmitting the faith to generations that are entrusted to you; if Kisubi is to continue flourishing, you are the hinge on to which to count. Vatican II Council teaches us that the family is the domestic Church (cf. LG, 11) and it needs to be promoted every day because it is through it that we get responsible citizens; and in it, the Lord nurtures and helps young men and women to have their first seeds of their vocation to different paths of life.
In light of the Archdiocesan theme for this year 2022; and in light of the challenges brought forth by the coronavirus pandemic, our Lord invites us to come out of our paralysis, to trust his call for us to rise, pick up our mat and go (cf. Mk 2:11). The mat is a reminder of our old situation of fear, sin and selfishness, but also a witness of what God has done and will continue to do in our life, and with which he tells us to go and be witnesses of his love everywhere. As baptized children of God, we are challenged during this Jubilee to renew our enthusiasm to take on the mandate of Christ, that is, to be heralds of the good news to people (cf. Mt 28:19) in the peripheries who are poor, brokenhearted, captives, prisoners (cf. Is 61:1-2) but in need of comfort, a new spirit of joy and love from the Lord.
Ad Multos Annos!
Our Lady Queen of Virgins, Pray for us!
In pilgrimage with you,

†Paul Ssemogerere

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