The Office of Priest Vocations assists those who are discerning a call to follow Jesus in the sacred priesthood, as one of his closest collaborators in his continuing mission on earth to lead and sanctify his people and draw them towards their homeland in heaven.

Some men are called to lay down their lives for the Church in the ordained ministry by the Sacrament of Holy Orders – the priesthood. These men stand in the person of Christ and serve their bride, the Church, through their preaching and teaching and by celebrating the Sacraments. Diocesan priests primarily serve the geographical area of their diocese, typically as parish priests but also in other capacities, such as chaplains in schools, hospitals, and prisons.

Kampala Archdiocese has 386 Diocesan Priests.

“See the greatness of the priestly vocation. How pure the hearts of the priests must be to be able to say “This is my Body”. How pure their hands must be to grant absolution any time.”

Our Diocesan Priests