Good Samaritan Sisters, Nalukolongo
Good Samaritan Sisters, Nalukolongo

Annual Appeal

If you would like to support the Ssabasumba Annual Appeal (SAAFU), you can do so through a pledged commitment or a one-time contribution. You can pledge your support through equal monthly payments that can be completed through December 31.

Support a Parish

The parish is the core of Catholic life in our local communities. In every parish of our Archdiocese, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been particularly acute. Our collective mission to spread the Gospel is challenging without a financial lifeline. It therefore important that our parishes and priests receive the offertory support they need to remain operational through this time without in-person weekly Masses.
You can support a parish today by clicking the donate button below. 

Thank you for your hopeful witness of the Gospel as you bring in word and action God’s invitation to all those suffering around us.