Miracles of the Uganda Martyrs

The miracles whose recognition by the tribunal justified this final verdict concerned two Sisters of Our Lady of Africa (White Sisters): Sr Rechildis Buck and Sr Mary Aloyse Criblet. Both of them had contracted the plague while attending to Sr Philothy, of the Bannabikira, who had caught it herself in similar circumstances. Bacteriological analysis confirmed that it was bubonic plague;

Dr Ahmad, who was treating them, consulted a second doctor and, although they tried various types of medicine, there seemed to be no possibility of saving the patients’ lives.

A novena in honour of the Blessed Martyrs was immediately started in Rubaga Cathedral and the Martyrs’ relics were placed on the dying Sisters.
Three days later, to the doctors’ amazement, both patients were completely cured. During the process of canonization long debates took place between specialists on the possibility of a cure from the type of medicine that had been used.

The conclusions were that not only was the medicine ineffective in itself, but even if it had been effective, it could not have produced such immediate results. The two main witnesses were the doctors who had attended the case, Dr Ahmad, a Muslim, and Dr Reynolds, a Protestant.