He was born at Lulagala in Mityana Ssingo around 1869.  His father was called Kyazze and his mother was called Talidda Nassaza, daughter of Mukwenda Ddumba. His father was an efficient deputy County Chief for a long time. His son soon became famous like his father and at 15 he was selected to serve the King as a page. He was brown handsome, jolly, and polite. He was courageous, kind, trustworthy, obedient, composed and responsible.  He soon converted to Catholicism and destroyed the amulets he had all along carried to protect him. But the parents and relatives got very angry with him for doing that. The boy was determined to follow Jesus Christ.  He had very deep faith and heroically lived and defended the virtue of chastity. Kiwanuka was interested in learning how to read and write. Sometimes he served as a messenger.  He was a good singer.  He died a martyr at Namugongo on June 3, 1886 at the age of seventeen. He is the Patron of journalists, press, writers, printers and artists.